Replacing all my speakers


Hi Guys,

I wanted to buy some atmos speakers but decided to go by another route. Gonna try to use current Winter Sale and replace everything. My current system is 12 years old, so time to spent money :(.

I have now:
Front: Wharfedale diamond 10.5
Center: Wharfedale diamond 10.CS
Back: Wharfedale diamond 10.1
Sub: Bk Electronics Gemini II 150w

AV Receiver - Will be a Denon AVR-X2700H or will wait for the new models to come out and go for the AVR-X3700H.

I added a pic of my cinema room. I mostly use it to watch movies and tv.

After some days reading reviews online (i dont have any place near me with this speakers to ear them) i was considering from this list.
Im trying not to pass 1000€ for 5.0 speakers:


Jamo S 809 449,00 €
Klipsch R-620F 498,00 €
Polk Audio MXT70 509,00 €
Dali Spektor 6 577,37 €
Monitor Audio M 300 577,37 €

Monitor Audio M C150 148,00 €
Dali Spektor Vokal 164,37 €
Klipsch R-52C 199,00 €
Klipsch R-34C 299,00 €
Polk Audio S35e 229,00 €
Polk Audio MXT35C 239,00 €

Monitor Audio Monitor50 189,15 €
Klipsch R-41M 199,00 €
Klipsch R-51M 259,00 €
Polk Audio MXT20 219,00 €
Dali Spektor 2 246,97 €

Or you guys have other recomendations not passing the 1000€ limit.

will probably be a SVS PB1000 Pro (recommended by Gasp3621) if i get the money.

ATMOS Speakers:
Now i can get them wall mounted and i was about to buy a wharfedale d300 but since im gonna change all speakers no idea what to buy.

Thanks for the Help Guys.


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Hey bud! I don´t think any of those you listed would be upgrade. Tonally they will sound different, but most of you listed are very cheap ranges that i would steer away! I believe your speakers are better than almost all of those. Klipsch R i wouldn´t touch ever, same for Jamos they are uber cheap. The Polk Monitor is their entry level range and forget those slim multidriver center channel, they are worse than the regular center channels. You don´t have poor speakers now either, especially the big 3-way mains should be quite good but they are also more ideal for larger room or at least room which allows them "breath" more meaning having them bit more in to room away from boundaries.

With 1000€ budget you can`t get upgrade for all system and you don´t need to do that right away. Upgrade the front three first!Sell the Wharfedales to get more money for the SVS.

If you like the Klipsch then you want to look the Reference Premiere (RP) over the cheap Reference (R) range! These are rather large speakers just like what you have now and your room especially the front is bit tight but if you require floorstanding speakers then example:

Keep in mind that when you buy good subwoofer like PB1000 Pro things will change big time and you could look standmount speakers for the front as the bass duties are handled by the big sub!

With the Klipsch center channel this pair then:

Why i linked these brands? Cause they are most popular in USA for home theater use without breaking bank and the feedback is very good. You can find lot of reviews and owners comments about them which helps you making your mind. If you buy standmount speakers you need 60cm tall speaker stands which will add cost about 100€ or so, but the total would be still less than the big floorstanders. Personally i would upgrade the front three first and then the subwoofer as soon as possible. You can use the Wharfedale surrounds (10.1) no problem with that! As you don`t need atmos yet the 600 Onkyo receiver will do fine.

PS. If you sit on the right side of the couch as you should please move the subwoofer closer to Right front speaker. I had a quick look with certain program and the response would looks much better if you move it closer toward front wall!!! This is very important!

What you think of upgrading the front three first and do you require floorstanding speakers or could you imagine going for standmount speakers like the RP600M or Q350 at front?
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Hi Gasp3621.

I was thinking, since my current speakers are 12 years old, they were a bit outdated in sound tech (dont understand much about it).

I searched is some spanish stores and compared youtube reviews from items
i have enough money to use now.

I have to replace my onkyo soon because some hdmi slots arent working and the volume wheel, doesnt work right.

Im probably gonna use the 1000€ i have now and buy sub next week
then gather more $$$$ till i have enought for the KEFs or the Klipsch RPs (i like the look of both kefs and flipsch)

Thanks a lot m8
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