Replacing a Sony 40W3000 in the lounge


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We have a Sony 40W3000 which has been great (and still is). We're in the throws of decorating our bedroom and plan to move from a CRT to a flat screen TV.

We're considering either moving the Sony to our bedroom or moving that to our sons room and having his LG instead. The issue is that 40 inch may be too big for the space but our son's 32 inch LG may be fine.

That's not really the issue. The main issue is what to put in place of the Sony.
I'm working on the principle that things have probably moved on since we bought the Sony and that it may be better to spend a little bit more and buy a main TV than to spend a little less and have an up to the minute TV in the bedroom and yesterdays technology in the lounge. Is that flawed before we start?

Anyway, let's assume that it isn't flawed: 40" in the lounge is about as big as makes sense. Much of what we watch is HD using TiVo. Much of it is BBC - just to give you an idea. We also have a BluRay which is used occasionally. The AV feeds through a Yamaha RX765 and Q Acoustics set up. None of this will be changed. While most of what we watch is HD, some SD content is watched and the artefacts that prevail in what is a fairly slim room would be a problem on anything bigger. We always play the sound through the Yamaha and control the system using a Harmony One.

TBH, 3D doesn't really matter that much. If it came with a minor price premium but didn't sacrifice audio and visual quality using standard HD transmissions then it may be worth considering.

Budget? I am open. When we bought the Sony it cost us over £1400. I wouldn't want to spend anything like that again. I am willing to spend a reasonable amount as a TV is an important thing for us (well, me, if I am honest). I'll push the boat out a bit for something that is pretty special.

The TV sits in a corner (a limit of the room shape) with one side in front of a wide window. Glare from the window isn't a major issue but it would be good if the TV could stand it's own when the ambient light behind is reasonably strong.

We also don't want something that will be a massive power drain. We're making more of an effort these days to be greener. It's not the most important consideration but it is a consideration never the less.

I hope it's enough against which suggestions can be offered.

Many thanks


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I just channged from a 52W4000 to a new 55EX723.

I paid over £2k for the W4000 3 years ago and only just over £1k for the EX723.

So in 3 years I gain 3" screen size but in a smaller sized frame, 3D and Smart TV functions, recording and DNLA streaming and for half the cost.
It wouldn't mean anything if the picture quality was pants but there have been big improvements. Black levels are in a different league as is the motion control and after tweaking I'm very impressed.
The EX723 also has a matt screen same as your W3000 so reflections are not an issue.

I've not tried 3D yet and reviews of 3D performance are pretty average but if your not too bothered about 3D you won't be dissapointed.

Sony KDL40EX723/ KDL32EX723 (EX723) 3D LED LCD TV Review

40" version is available for under £600

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Thanks Lee,

quite amazing how prices have dropped! Having read the review that you provided a link toward (and then read many more in addition), I'm now wondering if the digital artefacts that were so much of an issue when we bought the 40W3000 a few years back are in any way "dealt with" by the picture enhancement features available on more modern panels. What is stopping me from going with anything larger is not the issue of space but the fact that we would be sitting no more than 6 or 7 feet from the screen. For HD and BluRay material, the artefacts wont be an issue. The problem is with SD material.

Do modern sets deal with artefacts on SD transmission or is it still like on my Sony: if you look quite closely does it look like people are walking around with trailing cob webs on their body and does running water look like blocks?

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I sit 8ft from a 46", and SD through Sky is fine for me (I am not that discerning however)


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Viewing distance for our 55" is between 7' (Sofa) to 11' for the two armchairs.

1080P from bluray and PS3 is as perfect as you would expect.

1080i and 720P from Sky over HDMi and Freeview HD is also as close to perfection as you can get from 7' away.

Higher quality SD channels from freeview and Sky (Over HDMi) are also pretty good and you really have to examine the picture to pick up artifacts. Sure it's not as sharp as HD but still smooth and artifact free.

Poorer quality SD channels over freeview and Sky (Over Scart) can produce visible artifacts but this is mostly down to the source material, you certainly are not going to see this on main channels.

As for all the features? Yes they are there more noise reduction and picture enhancing features than you know what to do with but I find the best results are obtained with them off and feed the set from a good source.
Probably the only exception is the motionflow works very well for smooth motion but I still prefer it off for 1080P 24fps blurays.
One good feature is you can set each input up individually and store preset scenes for each source. On the old W3000/4000 your picture settings were global.


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