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My 15 year old Panasonic plasma tv panel is still going strong, but unfortunately the predigital source that I have for it ~ a Panasonic DVR outputting a component rgb signal has failed again. The original one lasted a decade or more. I replaced it with a refurbished one and the tv tuner on that has now failed after a year.

I held off digital TVs for a long time because I watch mainly terrestrial tv and the TVs that I saw were rubbish at rendering ordinary free to air tv signals. My impression is that current TVs have better upscaling and so now it may be time to make a break and get an OLED TV, probably 55”, although 48“ would probably do as the current 45” is adequate, coupled with a dvd or blue ray player. (The current Panasonic dvr may do for now as it is only the tv reception that is broken, it plays Dvds fine and has an hdmi output, so should be ok)

I am likely to stick mainly to terrestrial tv and ordinary DVDs, preferring older films, but have an Amazon prime subscription so could play with that, but am not particularly interested in another subscription.

My inclination is to go for the top line Sony (the top line Panasonic seems not to support 4K blue ray, should I ever get any of those). LG C1 seems to be another choice, but the length of the tales of glitches in the thread on that tv is discouraging. It just needs to work.

What does the panel err recommend? (some noted below)

Which external devices do you plan to connect to the TV?
  • Apple TV 4k?
  • Amazon Fire Stick 4k?
  • UHD Blu-Ray Player?
  • HD Blu-Ray Player?
What content will you watch on the TV?

  • What streaming services do you plan to use?
    • Amazon, possibly
  • Catch up TV apps,
    • IPlayer, itv, Ch4
  • Broadcast TV
    • If so, channel resolutions?
  • DVDs? yes
  • FHD Blu-Rays? Probably
  • UHD Blu-Rays? Possibly

  • What proportion of your viewing will be broadcast TV shows, broadcast sport, broadcast movies, streaming TV/movies, DVDs, FHD Blu-Rays, UHD Blu-Rays or games?
Broadcast TV shows30%
Broadcast Sport10%
Broadcast Movies30%
Streaming TV shows or Movies0%
HD Blu-Rays3%
UHD Blu-Rays2%
Will you use internal or external apps or tuners for the following? If external, via which device?
  • Broadcast TV. yes
  • Streaming services Maybe
  • Catch up apps occasionally
Situational questions:
  • What TV are you currently using and what are expecting to see upgrading to a new TV? 15 year old Panasonic plasma. Still works.
  • Are you a tweaker or set and forget kind of person? Set & forget
  • What is your viewing distance? 3 metres
  • If you place yourself in the position of your TV facing towards where you watch, at what angle from the centre is each integral seating position? (Tip, use a protractor to measure angles). 30 degrees
  • When will you use the TV and what kind of lighting will be in your room? Some examples:
    • Dim conditions during the day.
    • Always use a lamp or light in the room, even in the evening.
  • Would your usage of an OLED TV put you at risk of permanent burn in? Please read: No
  • Do you need any legacy connections like composite or component? No
  • If using planning to use an internal tuner will you use satellite or free to air? Free to air.

Please rearrange the following, in descending importance:
  1. Smart TV ease of use
  2. SDR Picture quality
  3. Sound
  4. Viewing angles
  5. Picture accuracy out of the box (without pro calibration)
  6. Shadow detail
  7. HDR Picture quality. See: What is HDR?
  8. Cost
  9. Value
  10. Smart TV app selection

Now for bugs, tell us your possible pet hates related to TVs, in descending order:
  1. Reflective screens
  2. Motion judder with 24hz movies/TV shows. See: Judder-Free 24p on TVs
  3. Motion stutter
  4. Bad screen uniformity, Dirty Screen Effect, Clouding, Light Bleed, Blooming, Vignetting, Haloing
  5. Loss of detail in dark areas or crushed blacks.
  6. Raised blacks.
  7. Motion blur

  1. Colour banding. See: Gradients on TVs: Color bit depth (warning this is not the same as vertical banding, for vertical banding see bad screen uniformity).
  2. Slow smart TV


If you're still watching a lot of SD it may be an idea to go with a 48" rather than a 55". Although a 55" is really preferable since they tend to cost just as much, and will present HD, and 4k to a higher standard.

From your preferences I'd say Sony OLED is probably best. Their TVs come with better built in sound and have very good upscaling.

LG aren't far behind with upscaling, but you have to step up to their GX/G1 TVs to get better sound, and these are designed to be wall-mounted only with no stand in the box. LGs do have the best, and easiest to use settings/smart TV though.

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