Replacing a plasma - 49/50 preferred


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I’d be very grateful for your advice on a choice of new TV.

We’re replacing a 42” Panasonic Plasma 42PX80BA which I think we’ve had for about 10 years. It’s not let us down but our home cinema system is on its way out and connectivity issues mean it won’t work with the Sonos soundbar I have in mind. It’s time to move on I think.

Just to give you a bit more info, we sit 3.2 and 3.9 meters away from the set and I don’t think viewing angle will be an issue. Size of the room and an awkward corner where the TV sits means that we’re thinking 49/50 rather than 55 but could be swayed.

We watch mostly HD TV via a BT Youview box and I do like my Rugby so would prefer something that can handle motion well.

We don’t watch too many movies but natural colours and blacks are important to us.

We have been looking at the Sony KD49XF8577 and the Panasonic TX-49FX700B. We preferred the colours of the Panasonic when it was adjusted away from the horrible dynamic settings in store but I’m put off by the fact that it has an IPS Panel. The Sony looks good if I can adjust the settings to get a good natural picture. Only the Android TV is going against it at the moment.

Should I also consider the Sony Bravia KDL50WF663? It’s a 50Hz so maybe not good enough for the sport but some comments on here suggest that HD content isn’t that well handled by UHD TVs.

Would love to hear your views.


You'll want a TV with a 120hz panel instead of one with a 60hz panel + you'll need to use the motion settings on the TV to tweak the best motion.

Sub 55" that is not many options at all. The Sony XF85/XF87 series or XF90 series are the only models with VA type panels that are 120hz and the only options with 120hz IPS panels in the UK are the Panasonic FX750 and LG SK8500.

If you want HDR to look decent, the only option is the more expensive Sony XF90.

If you do not need wide viewing angles then you do not need a TV with an IPS panel - don't judge what you see in a shop. The Sony is just as good as the Panasonic with colour when set up right.

If you do not view in the dark or dimly lit rooom then you also won't notice the flaws so much with blacks and contrast from a TV with an IPS panel, in that case its fine to go for that TV instead if you prefer it.


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Thanks Dodgexander,

I remember spending quite a bit of time tweaking the settings on my plasma to get it right so I'm sure I can get the XF85 picture how I'd like it.

A good point about the IPS panel and the dimly lit room. We don't tend to view like that so I'm sure the panel will be less crucial.

Think I'll go for the XF85 as the motion handling should be good enough.

I appreciate your help.


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Thanks again for your help Dodgexander.

In the end I've ordered the Sony XF90. I figured that ultimately I will be watching HDR content at some point in the next year or two and then it will be a much better option.

As a side note, if anyone's looking for the 49" Sony XF85 they are disappearing fast. John Lewis and Richer Sounds are already out of stock of the black version (although JL still have the silver).

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