Replacing a 10 year old Plasma - Help



Hoping you can help, I've search the forums but the more I read the more difficult it gets!

I'm still using my 10yr old 42" plasma but am looking to replace with a 50" - 55" asap.

Sitting just over 14ft from the screen.
Budget is no more than £1200.
I'd like something with Netflix.
Not worried about 3D.
I do game (Xbox).
Not worried whether Plasma or LED.

Can you help recommend a set please? The more I read, the more confusing it is (especially all the 100/200/400/600Mhz malarky!)

Thanks in advance

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Plasma are 100hz unlike LCD that require processing, higher figures than 100 with LCD are just marketing really.

600hz with plasma is a marketing number, plasma are 100hz but use 6 sub fields (pulses) so that gives 600hz.
So if response time is important plasma would be best.


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With your budget a 50" GT60 must be possible. Great blacks and great picture. I am fancying one myself, once i find them in stores for a demo. From what i have read and understood from owners, picture is stunning.


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Are you looking for links to reviews, link to shop showing prices?


I'm having problems posting, not sure why??

I think I've found the F5500 that Scooby mentioned Samsung PS60F5500 in Currys (although out of stock)

Can't find a GT60?



Had a quick look in the local curry's store today, only ones that caught my eye were;

Panasonic 55DT50 - £1298 (Was apparently £2199)
Samsung PS60E530 - Clearance £799
Samsung UE55F6670 - £1499

Any good?

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