Question Replacing 12V Halogen ceiling spots with 12V LEDs (GU5.3 / MR16)

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Hi all,

I'm busy replacing the halogen lights around my home with LEDs to cut down on my leccy costs.

I've got to the kitchen, and was wondering if I'd be able to do a straight swap on 12V halogens for the equivalent LEDs. As I understand it, 12V bulbs need a transformer to step down the voltage, but I'm guessing the lighting in my kitchen ceiling would already have this?

Sorry if this sounds like I have no idea what I'm doing, but I really don't! I've attached a few pics of the fitting as it is.

any advice would be gratefully received.


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Your fittings are fire-rated (effectively an enclosed metal can with some intumescent material to seal any gaps in the case of fire). The cable that exits through the top of this can will be connected to a 12v transformer in the roof void. You would have to remove the entire fitting from the ceiling to gain access to this.

If you are lucky you can just replace the lamp with a suitable 12v LED version, however some transformers have minimum load ratings and may not run effectively with a low wattage lamp. If this is he case you may have to swap the transformer too or replace the fitting for a mains GU10 downlighter connected directly to the mains supply in the ceiling (ie remove the transformer at the same time as you remove the fitting).

Fake Shempz

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Thanks neilball. I'll remove the fire guard this weekend to find out what transformer I have.

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