Question Replacing 10 year old Plasma - LG PK590 - New 65" 4K ?


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Hi all - our beloved 50" plasma is no more (brought from RS for £750 in August 2010) - it now fails to switch on;

I am a bit upset but also excited of getting a new 65" 4k telly!

From other ex-plasma owners - could you please suggest TVs are you really happy with and are better than your old plasma ?

I have a budget of £1200 - we watch a mix of SKY, Netflix, Prime and YouTube; I am not a gamer - and have a home cinema sound set up.

Thanks in advance


Try to get hold of a Sony 65XF9005 or if you can push for it a 65XG9505 before they sell out. Otherwise you'll be left with poorer overpriced options from 2020 lines.

Beware that LCD TVs have narrow viewing angles, to get Plasma like viewing angles and a more plasma like experience all round you'd need to up the budget to afford a 65" OLED. Cheapest of which right now is the Philips 7 series OLED at £1600.

Typically faults like when a TV fails to be switched on can be repaired. So you may also just consider repairing your current TV. A TV repair shop can diagnose the problem, but you can also repair faults on TVs just by swapping the mainboard/power board/power supply if you can source spare parts on eBay or similar.


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Thanks Dodge, very informative and food for thought for a new set of options.

I was tempted to repair, but it is 10 years old, and probably something else might break soon after.

So that leaves me spending more for an OLED or QLED. I was leaning toward Samsung TVs, as I can get a 20% discount.

But I just found #QuantumNation reviews on YouTube, whose reviews I find very refreshing. He does rate TCL tellies, so I will look into these instead and save my money to replace my Optoma DLP projector in the future with a laser projector instead.



I'd avoid that channel if I were you. Full of misinformation and bias against OLED.

QLED is not relatable to OLED. Its just a name Samsung (and now TCL/Hisense) give to their LCD TVs that use quantum dot backlight tech. Its basically their way of displaying colours on an LCD TV and isn't a complete new display technology like OLED is.

So OLED = new display tech, each pixel dimmed by itself.
QLED = LCD TVs with a new way of displaying colours.

The discount you get at Samsung is nice, but not if you are limited only to buy overpriced TVs. Right now their store has only the overpriced 2020 models in stock, so if I were you and you decide on an LCD TV, buy at a later stage to save a chunk of money. Another caveat of buying direct from Samsung is you only get a 1 year warranty and no extra 4-5 years on top you could get buying from Richer Sounds or John Lewis, for example.

Here's a link I made to best compare LCD TVs and OLED TVs:


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Omg was initially excited about getting a new telly but it's now turning into such a minefield 🤪;

I think I need to research more but t's not nice looking for a TV when your old TV is busted, greatfall I have a 20" monitor and our PJ.



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Hi - just a quick update; looking for a new 65" 4K telly is such a headache!!! - there are so many models to choose from - and then considering new technologies, youtube reviews, advice from fellow AVers, spending hours in TV show rooms, advice from sales persons and then also how much to spend !

But yesterday, I decided to hoover the dust from the back of my LG plasma and switch to a new HDMI cable - and guess what - my 10 year old plasma now works !

Touch wood - its been ok all this weekend; but not sure how long it will last, but grateful there is no rush to find a new TV.

So I'll continue to build my knowledge about the next TV to buy; thanks for all your help - cheers

Sloppy Bob

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From May/June 2021 onwards is when you'll get the best deal on a 2020 TV, the longer you leave it after that the more stock dries up until, like now, all you'll be left with is the new year model TVs at an inflated price.


Power faults are common with aging TV. Why not try to repair it?

My old Samsung had a power fault where it was switching itself off. I found a replacement motherboard pulled from a working TV on eBay for £30 and it fixed the problem.

Not saying that will fix your own issue, but you can bet one of a replacement motherboard, power board or power supply will fix your issue.

If you don't want to mess with stuff yourself you could take the TV to a repair shop. Someone who has knowledge of electric circuits may even be able to diagnose and fix the TV by replacing a few bad caps.

We always feel nowadays if something breaks we should replace it, but depending on how you use the TV, and how you intend to use the new one, you may be better off sticking with what you have.


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Thanks all - I now have a shinny new 65" telly !

I was initially excited at looking for a new TV - but it turned out to be a headache - with so much to consider - which I noted earlier

so many models to choose from;
all the different new technologies,
youtube reviews;
advice from fellow AVers,
spending hours in TV show rooms,
advice from sales persons
and then also how much to spend !

then on top of this you have biased reviews and then with the 2020 models being not as good as last year - makes it more difficult to choose.

But I now have a TV which so far I am happy with; considering the facts of - value for money, how new technologies are always emerging, how good my eye sight really is and that there is no real perfect TV out there!

So with all considered, I went for the <Hisense 65U8QFTUK>

Considering that this was £1200 last week and then dropped to £999 at Currys - but with CostCo having the set available for £840 in store - made it an unbelievable bargain; and furthermore makes it more easier for me in the future to swap out, if that perfect TV does come available !

I cant really fault it so far - and just love watching;

Good luck to all on all your new tellies.

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