Replacement/Upgrade to existing kit... help/recommendations!!!


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Looking to change my trusty Panasonic SA-HT900 home theatre system for a couple of reasons, firstly it doesn't recognise a Dolby Digital source until it's nice an warm (fault coming methinks!), but most significantly the fact that it doesn't take DTS from an external source... most Blu-rays are DTS MA.

I'm looking for a solution, preferably without a huge AV Receiver, that has similar or better sound than the Panny, which to be fair is bloody good!, that is in the region £200-300. Connectivity is important, TV (freeview bit) and Xbox will need optical, Sky will need Optical, but can live with Coax, then just a DVDR and Bluray that will work via HDMI, a couple of line ins would be nice too.

I have done a lot of looking around and still seem to be struggling to find something that will tick all my boxes!

  • Onkyo HTX22HDX ticks the connectivity box, but I believe it may be a step back in sound quality.
  • Sony HT-AS5, ticks the connectivity box, but I would have to mess around with the wiring as all my wiring is under and around things (like carpet!), but I also believe it doesn't decode DTSMA or TruHD.
  • Sony BDVE380, and Sammy C6500 and the other sytems dont really have the connectivity...

Have I missed something obvious, am I asking too much for the budget and/or size?


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I would say the Onkyo is a step forward in sound quality.
Good size power consumption for the advertised output power.
Does not quote stupid output ratings for the amount of power in.
The Sony for instance how in hell can it output 1000watts with 100 watts power consumption.

Someone posted this the other night and should be read by everyone.
Speakerguide - SH/SC Wiki


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I think my concerns with the Onkyo lie with the small sub and reviews I've read about the lack of oomph...

The Panasonic I have is very clear, precise and loud when it needs to be... However can't do DTS from an external source.

I wouldn't want to spend £300 and be wanting to listen to the old system.


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Was looking at the LG, but the lack of HD decoding was putting me off, so have plumped or an Onkyo HTS3405... I'll make the space for the receiver somewhere! Haha.

Will be setting up tomorrow, so will hopefully feedback then :)
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