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Hi, I currently have a Samsung 40 inch 4k tv which I have had for over 5 years. It has been reliable but following a nerf to the screen has got lines going up and across the screen from the impact. I am looking for some advice of what to buy next, LG seem to have the upper hand over the current Samsung tvs but have seen Philips and Pansonic tvs too which are tempting.

I was going to wait for 8k but don't think it's worth the wait, OLED is raved about for pure picture quality. The largest I think I could have is 55 inch... Any advice or recommendations?


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the CX or the C10 sets LG have an 8k Nano tv but defo better having these.


All the OLEDs are remarkably similar. They use the same integrated panel made by LG. They are self emissive with no backlight.

So unlike LCD TVs where one TV can have a completely different panel and backlight system to another, the difference between one OLED and another is very small. No matter the brand, Sony, Panasonic, LG they all have similar picture quality.

8k is currently not worth the premium, you have to spend more to get less picture quality. And for a 55" even 2k is fine, let alone 4k.

Hopefully my guides below help you make a decision. There's a lot to buying a TV now, so you'll need to narrow down what sounds best for you. One TV could be perfect for one person, but bad for another.

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