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My LG signature tv has just been written off by Domestic and General. They have sent me a list of tv’s that I think are no where near comparable to my tv. Does anyone have any experience of dealing with D&G. What do people think would be an acceptable replacement to accept.


LG 75UN70706LD LCD​

LG OLED65GX6LA OLED. £400 additional payment​



LG OLED65CX5LB. £120 additional payment​

Thanks in advance.
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Why not include the list of sets sent by D&G and members can then advise you?


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Lol that JVC is like £450 :rotfl:

I'd be pushing for the 65GX as a straight-swap.

Point out none of those sets have 3D playback support, none of them have a premium soundbar audio solution, and it was a £6000 TV originally. Even if you got it much later, you probably still would have paid over £3000 for it, think a £2000 65GX is a fair swap personally. Might be a bit trickier with having to deal with D&G rather than the retailer themselves.


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Hi thx for reply and advice. I’ll let you know how I get on tomorrow
And yes you’re right I paid £3600 just over 3 years ago


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How is the 65GX not compatible?

3D is dead - so that isn't a bargaining position
inbuilt sound - you can buy a soundbar if that's your thing

The G6 was a high end TV in it's day, but OLED tech has moved on quite a lot since (plus you bought it years after release), so as above push for a straight replacement for the 65GX.

TBH even both the BX and CX will have a better picture, so...


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Well thx guys for the advice. After back and forth all day they have given me a LG oled 65GX6LA at no extra cost. Arrives Monday. Can’t wait to see what its like.

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