Replacement TV dilema...


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Currently have a 40 Sony W5710 and looking for a 2nd set for the family room but not sure what way to go so hoping from some input from you guys...

Option 1 would be to go for the Sony 40CX523 (£350 after cash back that ends tomorrow) and put that in the family room and job done.


Option 2 would be to stick the W5710 into the family room and to buy the Sony 46EX723 (£800 after cash back) for the main room.

Not sure what the sales are going to offer hence the reason for wanting to take advantage of the cashback offer. Also, anyone know what Sony (and others for that matter) are likely to annouce in their 2012 line up?

Confused?...you bet I am!


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Is it mainly for gaming...if so, look at plasma - notably the Panasonic 42ST30 (3D, around £500)

100hz processing can actually be detrimental for gaming, as it can add input lag

Or are only interested in Sony for some reason? There are reviews of some current models in the review section ^^^

e.g. http://www.avforums.com/review/Sony-CX523-KDL-40CX523-32CX523-40CX523-LCD-TV-Review.html


Well not being the most adept or even interested of gamers I didn't find gaming on the Sony slow or inactive and our results returned on average results between 18 – 29ms response to lag measurements. I was unable to double check this with a CRT with no lag, so you can apply some caution to those results and take your console with you to check for yourself if you are interested in this model.

The initial 2012 line ups normally appear at CES in January


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Thanks vickster. The wall the tv goes against in the family room is opposite a patio door and glare would rule out the ST30 and Samsung LCD's. Over and above that, brand loyalty is telling me to stick with Sony and their soon to end cash back is all too tempting.

Up until yesterday I was all set to go for the 46ex723 but having 2nd thoughts even now as a type. Not fully convinced that's the set for me as I've heard too many bad reports regarding clouding. Having said that, I fully appreciate there's no such thing as a perfect LCD/LED yet. Think I'll wait for the 2012 range to see what that brings and go for the 40cx523 for just now.
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