Replacement TV - arrived, dead pixels EVERYWHERE! :/ - what to do?


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As subject says, Replacement Samsung LE32R73BD came today about 3hrs ago and to be honest i was happier with my other.

The first one I had had white patching in the corners and sides which never seemed to go, but it had no dead pixels.

This one doesn't have that problem BUT has dead pixels all over the place - which show up as an eyesore depending on the colours displayed.

There's one which is a real bitch which shows up more than the 7 or 8 others which seem to be the biggest problem on blacks - i still notice them though.

The question is, what do i do - ring up currys again and get a 3rd (still within my 4 weeks) - or can i get these sorted out ? I've scoured the forums and read about "massaging" them but i dunno, really want some advice cos i'm annoyed now, spend this much money and this is the best they can do!?

This is worse than buying PC stuff.


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Get a refund and go for another model, IMO.


Pack it up, send it back, and get a new one. There is no point trying to massage them or whatever - you might only end up doing more damage than good, and there's also no point in settling for something so clearly defective.


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Cheers guys. Will ring them up first thing tomorow, get me a returns (EA i think?) number and tell them I want an in-store swap and I'd also like an on-site screen test first.

I just hope I don't get any problems as I'm on my 2nd tv now. The way I see it, I shouldn't have to be scouring round like a crettin on forums tryign to fix **** in the first place.

When you pay that much for a TV it should work - end of.

Badger - think it's too late for me to go for a refund now cos i'm past 7 days (currently 2 weeks and 1 day into my 4 week replace'ability period).


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Got my 3rd tv - also dead pixels everywhere.

  • Exchange for another replacement
  • Exchange for a different tv (would be the Tosh WL66) or.....
  • Refund, decide it was not my time and buy another time - perhaps when the gods are on my side?

Atm i have my auth code ready for an exchange (got it over the phone a couple days ago just not going to go instore til next week now). But now I'm at a loss at what to do.

On the one hand - i really like the TV. I haven't had 3 so far cos it's just ok but on the other, the last 2 have been no good (as far as the pixel thing goes).

The worst thing is - of all the TV's ive had - the first one was the best, and knocked the last 2 out of the park, i want that one back :(


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Go for a refund. This is the second TV from this manufacturer which is faulty. They have failed to supply a TV fit for purpose. YOU ARE ENTITLED TO A FULL REFUND as part of your statutory rights. :lesson:

Don't go for anything less. Have a look at other sets, like the Sharp LC42XD1E, available for £1100 from Empire Direct.

Good luck :thumbsup:


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just to let ppl know i got a full refund in the end.

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