Replacement TV after Tosh 42WT29?



Hi All,

After many visits from engineers, im on the verge of having my Tosh 42wt29 replaced with a new TV of my choice because of a strange ripple effect on the screen. Anyway apart from the ripple, I pretty happy with the TV, the only minor gripes I have are the grainyness during dark scenes and the red tinge on the bottom right hand side of the screen noticeable on very white or black backgrounds. Are there any RPTV's out there that don't have a problem with grainyness and the red tinge? I heard the new sony 44px2 does a better job with dark scene grainyness than the Tosh RPs but do you still get the red tinge that seems to be very common with the Tosh RPs? I would consider plasma upto £3k so long as i'm not gonna have these minor faults, but for 3k your looking at bottom end plasma's really aren't you? Maybe I should just go back to my good old 32'' CRT? Anybody got any suggestions? Anyones help would be appreciated, I never thought finding a TV would be so hard!


after having many faulty tvs I find the sony px2 great. There is no graininess on dark scenes like I had on my tosh. However I do geta very slight blue line on the edge of the picture on white backgrounds. (very very slight) I found that all my rps including the ones I have seen in the shops, dont have perfect convergence. Apart from this minor fault the tv is great.



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