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Hi all,
I've had my Screenplay 5700 just over 2 months and for what I use it for (mainly games with some film watching) it just doesn't perform. With dark smooth textures moving horizontally there is a bad digital artifact which for me makes it unplayable in some games. It doesn't matter what input type or source I use.
I've reproduced the fault on my local 7oaks demo unit and my friends 5700 does the same. Infocus do not reply to my queries and the saleman in 7oaks said that Infocus would not accept it as a fault. At 7oaks we tried an Optoma h30 (£1200) and to me it was perfect. A Pioneer 434 Plasma was also perfect using the same source.
Anyway, I will sell it and maybe go for the Sim2 Domino (will demo it properly first). Is there anything else around or a little more that is meant to perform as well.The Optoma was good but I need more input types, and didn't try it for films where my 5700 is very good for that.

Hi Andy

A good upgrade would be the Infocus 7200

Some of its selling points are;

True HD resolution. 1280x720 resolution from a HD2 chip, its FLI2300 DCD video from Faroudja, a 1400:1 contrast ratio at 1000 lumens, D65 colour mastering, and 8 inputs including DVI (HDCP).

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Thanks for the reply Urotsukidoji, but as CSE (the UK distrubutor for Infocus), and Infocus themselves do not seem interested in my problem I couldn't go for an Infocus one again.

I had a huge nightmare last year lasting for months with a Toshiba RPTV (under warranty) I decided to throw lots of £'s at something I hoped would give me satisfaction. Buying from a 'reputable' dealer doesn't seem to help.
I guess I just need to spend even more.


if games are your big thing, why limit yourself to 16:9 projectors? Consider the NEC HT1000/HT1100. A used HT1000 would be miles under your budget if you wanted to save some money for upgrading the source (lumagen or iscan or something) or the HT1100 is not a million miles away brand new (you missed one I was selling for a friend!). If you are concerned about the 4:3 panel, why not use it natively with your games then add an anamorphic lens to make it into 16:9 for films?

all the best


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