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Replacement speakers for Sony HT system


Active Member
Hi all,

I've been given a Sony DVD/HT system sans speakers, and was thinking of picking up a couple of small-ish bookshelf speakers for it.

Would they need to match the spec in any way of the original speakers? I was thinking of picking up a pair of Wharfedale Diamond 9.0's or similar.

Also, the Sony system uses proprietary speaker terminals - are these available anywhere?



Distinguished Member
The short answer to the question is probably no. I believe the Sony uses 3ohm speakers while the Wharfdales are 8ohm. This can cause damage to speakers or amp (or it could just sound very quiet). either way it is not recommended. It is also doubtful it would have enough power to run the speaker and I believe you can not buy the special plug.
Any new speakers would have to be of similar impedance. My last Sony all in one (SC8) fortunately had 8 ohm speakers but sadly the majority seem to have 3 Ohm which are not replaceable by everyday off the shelf speakers.

Regarding the proprietary connections you can either splice the wires or in my case the plugs had a press in part that released the original wire and allowed insertion of replacement wire. You could of course use the original wire and connect it to the new speaker.

TBH it depends what you have in relation to speaker impedance and the proprietary fitted Sony speaker plugs.
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Thanks for the replies, I haven't got the model number yet so I can't check the impedance yet.

I guess the answer may be to find some speakers of the same impedance and wattage?

Or some Sony speakers from a similar system from eBay etc?


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Hi Scottland on my old Sony the speaker impedance was written underneath the speaker connections and were 8 ohm with similar passive sub. I didnt have any problems with replacement speakers for it, and did as William said there was a way to release and replace wires.


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Apparently the impedance is 8ohm , which looks like it'll make my life easier for finding similar spec'd speakers.
Currently looking at the Gale 3010S, which are listed as 8ohm so they should be ok I think.

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