Replacement Sony SS-A701 6 Ohms Midrange Speaker


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I have a pair of old Sony SS-A701 6 Ohms speakers. Each unit has three speakers in it and I am looking to upgrade the midrange 6.5cm cone. Would anybody be able to kindly recommend what would be a good replacement speaker, I suppose it would be best to get 2 and replace the speaker in each unit.

Thanks in advance!


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I am looking to upgrade the midrange 6.5cm cone.

Why? Has the midrange driver broken? If it hasn't, then best leave well alone and if you don't like the speakers anymore, try selling them on (though I doubt there's much appetite for non-cult 30 year old speakers).

If one midrange driver is broken...
There's more than meets the eye to replacing a drive unit (physical size/shape, sensitivity, crossover frequencies, tonal qualities) and I doubt there's sufficient information available for anyone to make an accurate call. Wilmslow Audio may be able to recommend (and sell you?) suitable repalcements but this will likely cost many times the current market value of the speakers. How important are they to you?

And there was me trying to be positive as we enter 2021! Damn.


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Hello, thanks for you reply. The midrange speaker on this unit is in pretty bad shape, the central dome is dented and the cone is damaged/completely ripped. Yeah, they are 30 years old but they were working pretty much perfectly until recently and it just seems to wasteful to throw away.

On ebay they are not worth much. Is it possible to repair speakers like this or do you think it's a waste of time?


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Yes, I suspect you are totally right on that. Thanks for the links, I think it is time to get a 30+ year upgrade! I think ideally I need some speakers like that with a grill on the front to stop the kids poking their fingers into the speakers.

I have an amp from around the same time, a Pioneer SA-3000 which I might as well upgrade at the same time. I used to dream of Marantz kit when I was younger, looking on ebay some of it is actually affordable now though probably dated. Do you have any suggestions on that front? I just connect an ipad or phone to the AUX to it to play music, that's all really.


Well-known Member just seems to wasteful to throw away.

I know what you mean. I hate the disposable and unsustainable society we've become, but battling against it all the time is draining. Sometimes, we just have to 'go with the flow'.

Sourcing a "suitable" midrange driver replacement will be very difficult. Any good at woodwork? Some hole cutting and rebating will likely be required because drive units do not have standardised fitting requirements. There's probably more chance of winning the lottery than finding a relplacement unit that's an electrically good match and happens to fit perfectly in the existing cabinet. And you still may not like the end result (sonically speaking).

If you're determined to keep them, best purchase another pair (with working midrnage drivers, of course) and canibalise them. Otherwise, consider a modern replacement. It's not that modern speakers are necessarily better than 30 or 40 year old designs - they're not always - but Sony speakers from the 80's and 90's were not exactly held in high regard. A well-chosen modern speaker around the £200 price range will likely sound more accurate and detailed - though that's not to say you'll enjoy that accuracy. All comes down to personal sonic preferences.

The amp looks interesting. Not much about it on the Internet but what there is is positive. Seems it's 40 years old and comes from a mini system. It's well built and some say it has good audio quality so may be worth keeping for the time being. I'm a fan of upgrading one component at a time as it helps one understand more about equipment sound quality. So I'd keep the amp until you've heard it with new or refurbished speakers.

If you enjoyed the sound of the 1990's Sony speaker (which, from memory, were often warm sounding), I'd too look at Whafedale's ranges and also Q Acoustics speakers. Choose a speaker size that suits your room size.

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