replacement screen material ???


hi ppl, im looking to replace the material on my owl electric screen, its a 4:3 1.7m x 1.5m screen for CRT, do you guys know where i can get such material ?
dont want to replace the whole thing as the owl mechanism is fine.
thanks rob :hiya:

stu mcc

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Hi Rob,

Ellie, DRH and Harkness Hall all sell screen material ( just do a search on the names); if you specifically want Owl material then try getting in touch with the dealer or distributor.


Timmy C

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I don't know if it will be the same with Owl but when I had to replace the material on my Da-Lite screen I had to order a new roller mechanism with it as I couldn't buy the material on its own. It wasn't cheap but it was very easy to fit at least!


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Owl will want you to send the screen back to them so they can ship it off to Italy for the manufacturer, Screenline, to replace the screen. Owl are just box shifters when it comes to screens. Ellie will have a screen made for you to the exact specifications that you want but again it will have to be imported. Harkness Hall will only sell you off the roll material of a lower gain than the screen you have. The better material they reserve for their own screens.

Your other option is to buy the same size screen again from Owl but as a manual version then use that screen material to replace your old one. If you can buy through a company then you could try

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