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Hi all,

After some advice. Please bear with me!

Tomorrow we are having FTTP installed. The ISP is supplying a router which I have to use, a Billion 8900ax-2400.
What I’m unsure about is how I might be able to configure this when I do not have a laptop anymore so can only use wi-fi to connect to it.
We currently have 50 devices on the LAN with static IP’s. This has worked well so I’d like to keep it as it is.

Will this work if I try the following -
With our current Netgear router we have a DHCP scope of –
I’d like to change to the above from – on the Billion router
And then add the static IP’s. If I try this am I effectively locking myself out of the router over wi-fi until my iPad is added as a static IP?

As you can probably tell I don't know much about any of this so thanks for reading and any (simple) suggestions.
are your devices (ipad etc) getting there IP addresses from the router but its always the same IP as its set on the router to hand that one out to that device ? Or are your devices got the IP address set on them and they wont change no matter what and hence your router must be able to work with those IP's ? As if it the first option and all your devices are dynamic and getting the IP from your router they will work with the new one but will get what ever IP it hands out until you set it. If its the 2nd option nothing will connect until your router is set to be on the same subnet as the IPs each device is set on - in which case you will change your ipad to not have a fixed IP
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It a mixture of both.
Having thought about it I think I will just adjust the DHCP scope to say - and then change the IP and the gateway on the devices That require the change.
This is less to change on the router and will hopefully work.

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