Replacement remote for Arcam Alpha 7R amp


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My remote has packed up - left an old pair of batteries in there too long and the Singapore climate has reduced the circuit board to corroded trash.

No local distributor seems to have any spare Arcam remote and it's not worth ordering a new one all the way from UK. The amp's probably in its final year anyway, such is the effect of humidity here. Will a 'universal' remote work? Some of them do not specify Arcam as a brand option. I did read somewhere that using the Philips setting might work.

Arcam were helpful on the phone and said that any remote for any Arcam would work.

Any advice?

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I'm almost certain Logitech Harmony will have the remote codes available just get a cheap one of those if you can.


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Thanks JayCee and Timmy C - I will try that, but the challenge is to find one at a price that is reasonable considering the current value of the amp (i.e., not much!). Of course a universal remote will always come in useful somehow if you can reprogramme it. I've never used one.


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Just to tie up some loose ends on this, none of the 'universal' remotes I could acquire would work. I phoned Arcam for a second time, and on this occasion spoke to someone sensible, who quoted me a very reasonable price to send out a new, compatible remote by mail. I paid by credit card and that was that. I got it in just a few days and it works. Brilliant. Then the local distributor phoned (having obviously been stirred up by Arcam) and offered a remote at a somewhat better than before (but not good) price. I said 'sorry', and declined.

[edited to substitute Arcam for B&W: sorry for earlier brain failure]
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I have a One For All Essence 4. This controls the volume on my arcam alpha 9 amp. I set the code as Cambridge Audio, as Arcam was not an option. It does learn commands though. My amp is from the same era, I'm sure it would work with the 7.


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Looks like you're sorted but yes any arcam remote will work (using a cr102 on my alpha 7se cd and Alpha8 amp) and a little known fact is that, from the same era, Marantz remotes also work.
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