Replacement projector - epson tw740 / tw7000 or an optoma?


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Hi all,

Long time member (2002!) but very occasional poster. Looking for your expertise.

Scenario - we redid our kitchen / family room and my wife had bought a £100 Chinese projector previously in lockdown. It wasn’t actually bad, so when we re did the room I ceiling mounted it by the steel. Content is from a Firestick 4k, sound from a couple of echo studios that are Bluetoothed to that.
The walls are white, and the room is fairly bright, and that won’t change.

I’m thinking of replacing this projector, something that’s a little quieter, better picture quality, and possible to see in daylight (current one is basically unviewable in daylight).

It’s mounted around 3.4m from the wall, and current picture size is around 118” (2.5mx1.5m).

So, what should I go for? Started looking and the Epsom eh tw740 looked like it would be a decent step up, but then started looking at the tw7000- but starting to get a little pricey for me at that point, really worth the extra?
Also, see that the Optomas seem to have some traction on here - uhd38, hd29he?

Anyway, be really happy to hear some views and advice.

Photo of the space
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Oh, forgot - ideally white so it blends in with the ceiling.

Also, 6kg on the 7000, worried about that over my head!


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Any views? I guess my question is, in your opinions, given my white walls and light pollution is it worth getting the 7000 or similar, or just stick with an HD one like the 740 or perhaps one of the Optomas?

My assumption is that I can significantly improve the picture quality vs the chinese one I have, and lower the noise output, but that the 4k (not really 4k) overhead is probably not money well spent in my situation?

If that is all true, then opinions on what to go for in the HD space - pic quality, performance in light, low noise, and white ideally.


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Personally I think the 7000 is an absolute steal at that price and sounds perfect for you.

Frankly, I was about to buy a 9400 but I'm now thinking I may be better off getting a 7000 for under a grand and selling it in 2-3 years' time when hopefully native 4K PJs have come down a bit. I'd probably only lose £500 on that compared to £1500 on the 9400 over the same period.

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