Replacement printer cartridges


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Question for the printer users here, where do you buy your replacement cartridges from? (mine is Canon by the way)


mrtbag said:
I don't. I just order the re-fil kits from http://www.printconsumables.com/

They mix the ink to near as damn it the same as the original.

Works out far far cheaper.
I too use them and the guy wo runs it is one of the nices persons in business :smashin: and the ink is individually formulated for the individual printer not one ink does all.


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Here ink carts Cheap, free postage, and fairly quick.


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i used to buy my xerox originals from ebay, people who upgraded selling off excess stock cartridges,paying 3/5 puonds instead of the £18.00 pc world charged, did try refilling and non oem but did not get on with these options, have a new epson now will have to start checking things out soon i guess, but will be original

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