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Hi guys,

My computer (Acer Aspire Z5600) suddenly started making loud noises this morning. I opened it up and found out that it is the fan in the power supply that is making the noise (a bearing must have gone or something).

Anyway, the fan is a Yate Loon 70mm D70SH-12B, but I can't seem to find this fan in the UK (must be out of production now as the computer is quite old). Can anyone find this fan here in the UK?

If they are all gone from the UK, can I just use any other 70x70x15mm replacement fan? How are fans connected inside a power supply (never opened one up yet). Is it the same 3 pin as on the motherboard, or a molex maybe? Can you recommend me a compatible fan for my power supply?

Fast, short responses will be much appreciated as would like to buy one tomorrow and hopefully have it delivered the next day so I can get my computer back up and running :)

Thanks a lot!


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So could I buy any 70mm fan and solder it in if necessary? Does the fan have to be the same number of Amps as well? Could you point me to a cheap replacement?
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Should do the job. If its hard wired in PSU then cut the wires and solder to wires on new fan.

Should be a easy job
Bought that exact fan about 2 hours ago. The wires are soldered in so I'll just snip and solder it onto the existing wires and tape it up.

That fan has a 3rd wire (PSU fan has only 2) aside from the +ve and -ve for power. What should I do with that wire?

Thanks a lot


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3rd wire is used for speed control I think. Just don't connect it. Can even snip it off near to the fan so it doesn't get in the way

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