Replacement player to partner a TAG AV32R and trouble with a Toshiba SD210ES

P Adams

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I currently have a Toshiba SD210ES DVD player connected via Ixos component cables to my Toshiba 42WH18B rear projection TV.

I was however allowed to upgrade my ancient Yamaha 2070 amp to a TAG AV32r EX 7.1 processor and Rotel RMB 1075 power amp a couple of months ago (I am not in a position to use the 7.1 set up in our viewing room yet). The picture still looks good and the sound is astonishing even from this £175 player. I can't help wondering though if I should be looking at purchasing something a little more mid table to go with our superior sound system!

I am not looking at spending over £1500 on a player (I did have a Pioneer 717 but my father is using that now and is not about to give it up!) It was a very pleasing suprise when my wife said how about buying that TAG you've been drooling after! I was going to settle for a Denon 3802 amp. So really buying the matching TAG player is out of the question. But how about a Toshiba 900, a Pioneer 747 or Denon 2800 MK11?

The Toshiba is also playing up I think. A few of our DVDs when watched in 'wide' format on our TV (automatically formatted when just loading the disc) change to 'super live' or '4:3' for a split second then change back to 'wide' a 8 or 9 times a film. Can anyone shed any light on this?

Any help on these questions would be much appreciated.



Nic Rhodes

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The baby tosh is a great performer. I am not saying the players you have mentioned aren't better but just the difference isn't that large. Personally I find limited performance benefits this side of £1k in DVD players above and beyond the 200 series Tosh. What you get is features.

You need to find out for yourself. Try a Tosh 900 and an Arcam and see how you get on. The Tosh 900 would be my pick of your listed models but Arcam make great DVD players.

P Adams

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Thanks very much Beekeeper that sounds very good advice.

Obviously I don't want to spend £500-£1000 if the increase in quality is negligible.

We watched 'K-Pax' (Kevin Pacey, Jeff Bridges, region 2) on Saturday evening and the picture was spellbinding. Very clear, a great range of colour and tone in shadow areas but not washed out in bright highlights either.

Apart from the aspect ratio changing inadvertently from 'wide' to 'super live' every so often the whole experience sound as well was excellent.


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