Replacement (or fix) for Denon AVR-2312


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Hi, my Denon is making a clicking noise and the sounds cuts out. It’s returns after a while (no set timeframe). I had a search online and saw a thread which said you can lift the front end he and drop it, the bang seems to make something click and it works again for awhile.

So if anyone has a perm at fix for it that’d be welcome. (I was thinking try connecting to the TV via optical cable - but not sure if it’s a HDMI issue, and I don’t have an optical cable so would have to buy).

If not, time to replace.
  • Usage: mostly movies and TV shows, <5% music. I don’t play things super loud, so the speakers won’t be at their limit generally.
  • Speakers: some old Kef iQ1s (looking to upgrade to a pair of Kef Q350s with a Q250c centre and a BK Elec sub - likely a Gemini)
  • TV: LG OLED B8 via HDMI ARC (so 4K capability required)
  • Devices: Apple TV, MacBook Pro both connected via HDMI.
I don’t mind another Denon, but also had my eye on some Yamaha models.

The Q350s that I eventually want state:
  • NOMINAL IMPEDANCE: 8 Ohms (min.3.7 Ohms)
Lower budget models

Higher budget models

My current AVR-2312 does 105 watts @8 ohms. Should I be looking at even more powerful amps? (The RX-V4A in particular looks weak?). I have read that more power = easier to drive = good. But reiterate I won’t be blasting the speakers with music, sometimes a little louder when I’m watching a film. Or are any of the ones I’ve shortlisted acceptable?


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Try dropping it from the third floor next time :eek:


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Try dropping it from the third floor next time :eek:
:D Oh I don’t do that regularly. Tried it and it worked. But clearly not a permanent solution. Might help narrow the actual problem for those in the know.

Here was the thread I found: Denon AVR3312ci issue/clicking and losing center sound

It’s 10 years old so I imagine it’s close to the end of its life regardless. So I don’t mind picking up a replacement.

Peter Tyson seem to do decent bundles so it’s also an excuse to do the speakers at the same time. :laugh:

Any input on the amps I’ve shortlisted?


If you take the 2312 to a repairer then you are going to have to weigh up the cost of any repair against putting that money towards a new unit. If you're brave enough then take the top off the unit and have a look for any discolouration or heat marks on the inside. It could be as simple as a bit of solder cracking, an easy enough fix as long as you know what you're looking for.

If you went for a replacement then that would come in the shape of the X2700. Same limitations are the 2312 with just being a seven channel amp although you then have the possibility of an Atmos speaker layout in 5.1.2.


Awesome, thanks @gibbsy.

Will message the usual online retailers and see if they can do me a deal on an X2700, 2 Q350s and a Q250c.
KEF and Denon do make good partnerships. That's what I'm running.

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