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Question Replacement of Samsung UE48H6400


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This is in my second room, everything aside from the Xbox is currently 1080p but I'm looking to move to 4K. Had the panel replaced under warranty after 6 years and just haven't been happy with it since.

I'm used to OLED day to day now so was contemplating a QLED, I'm limited on dimensions and space for this one.

The UE48H6400 measures 108cm X 63cm when on the wall and I'm not going to move too far beyond that with the height, but had more wriggle room on the width.

Know we're heading into discount season so want to have a eye on some models to try and grab, may even consider going second hand if the right opportunity comes up locally.


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QLED is just a Samsung high end LCD, not OLED technology
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Sloppy Bob

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As above a QLED is still an LCD, it's just got a filter on the panel and is no better than high-end Sony LCD TVs

The cheaper QLEDs, the Q60/Q70 aren't even real HDR capable TVs.


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Good to know both thanks, was aware of QLED being apparently closer to OLED but get the difference.

Just seen that LG have launched a 48" OLED too but I just can't justify that £1300 pricetag for a second room, especially with 8K around the corner.


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no point in 8k tv unless its around 85 inch.


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I'd get the LG when it comes down in price probably Black Friday to January time. 8K is a long, long way off. We still dont have widespread 4k /HDR with maybe the exception being Netflix.


QLED is not close to OLED. That is just what Samsung want you to believe! They are just LCD TVs. There's no such thing as an LED TV either. Its either LCD or OLED.

Since you are a gamer you may be interested in the recommendations for the future here:

But as you'll see from all recent advice, it would be a mistake to buy a TV presently, and you are best waiting for Black Friday or later. TVs are currently very expensive.

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