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Can anyone recommend, or at least offer some alternatives for a gigabyte GA81915PM notherboard:

seen here

I am unable to get a direct replacement (without breaking the bank anyway) from my PC manufacturers, and frankly find them a total waste of space, money and time. I'm sure there are plenty of alternatives out there. As I'm a little new to this I wonder if anyone can point me in the general direction, and even better if you know of a UK retailer.

I realise I'm asking a lot, failing this can you guide me to what I need and dont need. My other hardware is:

3.4Ghz P4 socket 775 (Model 550)
2 x 512MB PC400 DDR RAM
Radeon X300LE 256MB VGA + TVO
2 X 200GB SATA HDs
LR6650 TV tuner
2 x DVD drives

Many thanks in advance...


wot sort of price range can this mobo fall in ?

got any prefs to mobo make ?

a bit



Looking at your last one and assuming you still need firewire limits your choice.
This board is a Viiv compliant one at can be picked up for around £70, although it can be hard to track down. Do double check it's spec against your needs though. This is one place that I've bought a few bits from before that has it;

Otherwise Scan are usually a good place to look but I couldn't see any suiatble boards there just now (it was a quick look though).


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Thanks for your help, was hoping for a sub £100 sort of price. The firewire port isn't essential at all, my PC was a shop bought Packard Bell and I was trying to keep the original hardware configuration so that the recovery disks would work as I wasn't supplied with Windows XP Media Cente edition when I bought it, but I think I'm well past that stage anyway.

One thing I noticed was the dimensions of the motherboard, it seems as though there will be room for a larger board (rectangular as opposed to the current square one) could this be a problem?

As for manufacturer I'm not really bothered, my current one is gigabyte.

Thanks again...


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Your current board is micro-atx (square) it sound like your case will take a standard ATX board also (rectangular) so you could buy either. The advantages of a standard ATX board are that you get more expansion slots for future upgrades.

Pretty much any Skt 775 board would do you - check that it has a PCI-e x16 slot for your graphics card, and that it supports DDR400 memory, but more or less most modern boards would be ok.

Overclockers is a reputable online company, try here:

Hang on - most of these boards seem to take DDR2 memory - is that what you have?

EDIT AGAIN: A couple of the ABIT boards take DDR400 RAM


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I tried the one as mentioned by big bry but unfortunately I have the wrong type of RAM, DDR 400 which wouldn't fit into the board, so I'll have to take it back... do you know of a gigabyte board with similar spec that supports DDR400?


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Thanks for all you help, had trouble getting hold of a mobo (that turned out had to be micro ATX) wth DDR400, I ended up buying the gigabyte one as recomended and forked out for some DDR 2 as well. Back up and running again (for now at least) with new PSU, RAM and Mobo. Hope this is the end of all my woes!



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