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OK - I've already built some fast specialist computers for video, graphics, HTP
C but I've got a general purpose 'office' PC that I use for mail, browsing the Internet; loading my iPod and 101 day to day functions. It has 4x 90GB IDE/PATA drives that are stuffed full of stuff and the Win XP Pro OS.

It is running an old Mk1 Abit IT7 mobo with a Pentium4 CPU, so
I can't do much to improve that. I would like to change the mobo for something that could take a modest dual core (not fussed about make) but retain the IDE/PATA drives (remember there are 4 of them!) with 2x CDROMs and a floppy. Must have a Firewire port.

Any suggestions? If I need to get one s/h on E-bay, what are some good ones to look out for?

Any links to a procedure to do the swap to a new mobo/cpu with a minimum of fuss would be appreciated. I don't have the HDDs on any RAID.
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It's probably not worth the bother, a new motherboard means a reinstall of the operating system and any programs that don't like that. If you're going to go through that you may as well transfer the data onto a single SATA drive and just buy a standard motherboard and dual-core - assuming the power supply will support it.


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I heeded your advice and decided to just upgrade the processor from Pentium4 2.2GHz to 3.06GHz. This also takes it to Hyperthreading (pseudo duo-core). I found a used processor on E-Bay (from China) and it has all worked out very nicely. I got a new CPU cooler and added another fan to the case, and just to be safe upgraded the PSU with one I had spare.
Doing routine processing stuff like DVD Shrink now finishes in about half the time. Obviously everything seems much perkier and it was well worth the (minimal) effort and low cost (about $60 total) required.
Just thought it may interest a few others in a similar position.

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