Replacement lamp Sony HW10 (LMP H201) and how long can I wait?


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I've just got "Please replace lamp/filter" message on my VPL HW10.
It has 2957 hours (all in eco mode) of use and needs a replacement.

I'm looking around but can't find any place with LMP H201 in stock!
Can anyone recommend good pace for replacement lamps? (cheaper the better, yet I'm trying to avoid Ebay).

I'm finding Sony manual to be very inconclusive as well. I'm going to replace the lamp asap but still I would like to use my PJ over the Christmas/New Year period (all the BluRays I'm going to get for Christmas need watching ;)

Manual states replace the lamp "without delay". What the hell does that mean? Is it safe to hit 3000hrs mark or not? I don't want to brake my PJ but Sony's manual doesn't help here.

Any advice highly appreciated!

Have a good Christmas everyone!


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Usually bulbs at the end of their life dim very rapidly (just a few hours) to the point the image is virtually unwatchable or go pop.

If it has not got this bad chances are you may still have many hours (perhaps hundreds)of life remaining.

Lamp life is a bit of a lottery and whatever the manufacturers claim in reality it can be much less or more than they state.

I would carry on using until you are able to get a replacement and not worry too much.

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