Replacement iPaq screen cost


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Hi, I've got a HP iPaq h1900 series with a damaged screen, it's been dropped and the screen now has an oily looking pattern on it, swirly!

Does anyone know much would it cost to get a replacement screen? Also need a charger if anyone knows how much they cost too?



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They're not cheap I'm afraid £122.70 to have a new screen fitted (The HP part cost on its own is actually £119) and the power adaptors are £21.88.

You can get them all from My work mate used them after HP quoted more for a new screen than his 1940 cost new !!


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Hmm, don't think I'll bother, I got it free from someone (it was already broken) and thought I might get away with a cheapish repair and sell it on as I don't even know if I'd use it myself!

Cheers for the quick reply :smashin:


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