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Want to switch from the old cardboard covers on bladerunner/animatrix/matrix etc to the normal plastic clamshells.
Anyone know where to get just the inlay card/ covers (sleeves) from?



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Yes. www.dvdcoverart.com

Mainly R1 scans though, and you have to be a member, contribute something (either art of your own, or cash) to gain credits before you can download. The standard of the artwork is always VERY good.

Or - scan your cardboard for yourself, clean it up and resize it with a photo editor.


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I had a look at this site, and a couple of covers. Their preview screen claims copyright to them. How can this be? Surely the copyright belongs to the producers of the DVD?

Certainly some of the covers are "custom" (that is, apart from the scanned images that would be in themselves copyrighted), but some are straight scanned images of the original covers.

They do look good. However I think that DVDCovers.com's claims to the copyright is pushing it.

Anybody know what the exact legal position is?


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Copyright can be easily invoked.

Provided that the auhor has used skill and judgement to compile the cover art, he can probably claim copyright on it.

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thanx everyone. I also need inlay cards - glad to see dvdcovers doing both. BTW is it just my bad luck or do certain dvd's contain no inlay cards? (from memory : hulk, lorenzo's oil, erm....others). I can understand if the chapter list is on the reverse of the cover (in a clear plastic clamshell) but some have just nothing....like they can't be bothered

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