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Replacement headphone cable


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Im looking for some assistance, ive got a pair of Sony MDR-V6 headphones, very happy with them, however they keep 'breaking'. About 45cm along on the cable, from the headphones, i seem to keep getting a break or something in the wiring.

I can hear music and some vocal range, but its definitely losing a lot of the vocal end. I use them to watch TV in bed, they're treated well, and yet this keeps happening.

Whats odd is that im able to detect where the break/issue is, and if i straighten that bit of coiled cable, its fine... for a while, then eventually it gets to the point where its not possible to fix. I've twice cut the wire, soldered and heat-shrinked the 3 wires, and it works for a few months, but then the same thing happens, not in the exact same place, but very close (currently its around 5cm from the last cut & join).

Now im getting to the point where its annoying the heck out of me. For the last few months i'd given up on them, using some old Sennheiser ear plugs... and now the left channel seems to be around 10% volume, right is fine.

Could something else be causing the issue? Im using a cheap extension cable (3-5m i guess) between the TV and headphones, to route it around the room. Is it possibly that creating strain or damaging, or is it just wear & tear happening??

Money is tight, im far from being an audiophile, my hearing is pretty poop (headphone help) so i dont need high grade gear, i just need a solution to my problems.

Could someone suggest an affordable decent quality replacement cable, so i can rewire mine. Is length an issue, would i be better buying say a single 5m length of wire, rather than 2m + 3m extension??

Any thoughts?

Sorry for the long post, i just feel like it'd give a clearer picture of whats happening, so someone can hopefully diagnose the issue for me. Im now stuck using freebie Maxwell headphones, and its horrible.


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If you are sure the cable is at fault, maybe you could cut the cable close to the headphones, and solder a 3.5mm female jack plug.
Then you could use a 3.5mm audio cable, there are plenty of good cheap ones of all lengths, i personally would recommend fisual cables.


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Yeah, that was something else i was considering. I've seen people modify the headset to fit a female plug in there, that seems like something i could do. Im just concerned at the fact that it keeps happening and now my backup in-ear headphones have died too.

The cable is definitely where the fault occurs. I've cut & rejoined it twice, right now its got a chunky steel screw taped to the offending area as a make-shift splint, it worked for about a month and gradually the small manipulations i could do to keep it working have stopped and it needs redoing again. Im just concerned about why it keeps happening. The coil aspect barely gets used, its plenty long enough and the extension cable goes to the back/head of the bed so its not like its being constantly extended, contracted, extended etc.

I'll have to price it up, its got to be cheaper than replacing the headphones though.


edit - is it also not unusual that its always the vocal end that im losing? I honestly havent a clue whats going through each individual wire, but the fact that its not zero audio, but one aspect of the audio. Music comes through fine (cinematic music) - always.


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You need to look elsewhere for a fault, it's nothing to do with the headphone cable.
They are stereo headphones and the cable is a 3 conductor lead consisting of stereo right, stereo left and common ground.
It is not possible to lose just one part of the audio spectrum with a break in the right or left conductor...it's all or nothing as in one channel would go completely dead with no sound whatsoever.
You've been wasting your time cutting/remaking joints in the cable.


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Thats something that concerned me, and yet last night after about 30min of listening through naff headphones, i cut, re-join, and its working perfectly. This is the part i just dont get.

Theres only so many things i can do to come to a conclusion when they're 'broken':

If i remove it from the extension cable and go direct to the TV, does it fix it - no
Do they work fine in other devices - no.
If i go down the cable and manipulate its position, they work correctly again.
If i cut that section, solder it up again, they work perfectly fine.

I never lose audio, only certain elements of it, its always identical in both channels, and its never different parts of the audio im hearing/losing.

Im not saying the cable is 100% the fault, but its been 100% the fix so far. Why its happening could be an entirely different issue and not the cables fault, and its always the same point in the cable basically. The first 30cm from the headset is fine. Then theres the 'fault area' and then everything after that works perfectly. When it breaks, i remove the offending section, and i essentially move working cable into the 'fault area' and given time it'll have a fault about 3-5cm away from where the join was done, suggesting its not my bodge job soldering, but the headsets very own 'Bermuda triangle'.

The problem i have is that everything is pointing at 1 area that fixes it, for a period, and absolutely nothing else pointing to something else as the root problem.


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There are only 3 things that can lose certain elements of the audio, the source, the transducers in the headphones or, dare I say it...your hearing.

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