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Replacement for Yamaha DSP-AX-630SE


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My Yamaha DSP-AX-630SE has just given up the ghost...

Do any of the newer amps still do video upconversion to Component? They all seem to upconvert to HDMI which is great if you have a HDMI screen!

My aging Panny plasma only has component input and I don't really want to replace that too!



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If you dont need hdmi you would be better off looking for an older second hand amp like the rx-v 1400/1500/2400/2500 or other equivilants.

This might also work if you buy a newer amp like a yamaya 765 (£300 richer sounds)

HDMI to Component Video Audio AV Cable - DinoDirect.com


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I am pretty sure they all do and the ones I have looked at definitely do. Although I am assuming you are referring to the Yamaha range. There are a few that do not from Arcam and Audiolab as far as I understand but I don't think you are considering one of those.

I did have trouble up-converting s-video from my sat receiver to HDMI using a Yamaha RX-V1600, but it could up-convert to component perfectly. I have no problems with my RX-V2700, it is perfect :smashin:.

The main thing to remember though is that no amp will down convert HDMI to any other standard. My amp will down convert component or s-video to composite not that I would ever want to.

What sort of budget do you have and what sort of use will it have.


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The Yamaha manual I read for the 567 showed that it upconverted to HDMI but not component.

I don't really want to spend much over £300.
Inputs are
DVD (component/coax)
Popcorn A110 (Component/Optical)
Thompson Freeview recorder (RGBS/Optical)
CD player (Optical or Coax)
Wii (Whatever I can get into it!)
Video (Composite/L&R)

I looked at some HDMI-Component stuff. You seem to be able to buy either a cable for £10 or a "converter" for £150 ! Why would you buy a converter if a cable will do the job?



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The X65 range dropped analogue to analogue upconverison. It will convert all analogue sources to HDMI (565 and above). I'm not sure if analogue to analogue upconversion was still on the previous X63 series.

Getting rid of functionality like this is one of the reasons why I made sure I bought the RX-V1900 rather than it's replacment, the 2065


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I went for a Yamaha RX-V567 in the end... Some note to hopefully help others...

Does not work using a HDMI-Component cable on the output. Nothing comes out that my Plasma could see.

Can not use RGBS. While you can use the Video from one set of inputs and re-assign the Audio In to come from another set of inputs, it does not also combine the video signals.
I have had to resort to composite for my freeview box as it is the only output I could get from it into the AMP.

Other than those few niggles, it is a really nice amp. I might look into a HDMI to Component converter box, having said that, I might be better off keeping the £150 and putting it towards a new plasma when mine finally gives up the ghost!


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Does not work using a HDMI-Component cable on the output. Nothing comes out that my Plasma could see.

Thats not an amp fault, if its a just a simple cable it won't work with anything. HDMI -digital Component - Analog, you need some kind of conversion going on for it to work.


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They must work otherwise they wouldn't be for sale by respected companies.

I don't see why the amp can't just pass the analog signal through the HDMI plug. There is obviously a wiring specification for a HDMI to component cable so if the amp sent the unmolested signal out on the correct pins then it would work a treat.
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