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    Hell all.this is my first posting,and was relieved to find this forum as I need some advice as I'm a little confused given the amount of TV's available. To cut a long story short Sound and Vision in Bolton,have agreed to replace my Panasonic TX32PS12, as I had pointed out that it had a few vertical lines on screen, and that there dark smudges on the or inside the screen-judging from this website it seems a fairly common fault so I don't know how the TV got good write up's in magazines(makes you wonder).Anyway I can't stand the TV !! I spent waht for me is a lot of money thinking I'd be getting top quality, but our spare TV in my son's bedroom has a better picture and God knows how old it is.
    Anyway I'll get to the point, I've got the option of replacing it with a smiliar Tv from the same company and would be willing to pay a little extra to guarantee quality.
    The options are : SONY KV 32FX68(£625.00), TOSHIBA 32ZT29(£750),JVC AV32X37(£629)PHILIPS 32PW9308C(£685),PHILIPS 32PW8608C (£645),TOSHIBA 32ZH36. The Panasonic cost £670.

    I like films but also watch quite a bit of football,if thats what you call it the way Liverpool are playing.I'd really appreciate any help as I need to let them know fairly sharpish,which one I'd like.We've got sky digital also. which one should I go for.
    Many thanks.

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