Replacement for TEAC DR-H358i


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After 9 years it looks like my TEAC DR-H358i is now broken (it cycles through input sources on its own and the front power button does the same rather than turning it on/off standby). With the current situation, repair is likely to take a long time given most places that might be able to do so are closed due to coronavirus. I'm therefore after something(s) that can replace it.

I don't think anything similar with DVD playback exists (correct me if I'm wrong) so at the least I'll need a DVD player and a receiver. We use most features of the TEAC - FM/DAB radio, CDs, DVDs, ipod (classic!) connection and it also provides the sound for our TV. It's coupled to a pair of Monitor Audio Bronze BX2 speakers (also about 9 years old) which I don't want (or need) to replace. Budget is £500 ish.

So far I'm thinking along the lines of the Denon D-M41, Cambridge Audio One or Marantz M-CR610/611/612 which I think (together with a DVD player) would meet our needs and work fine with the BX2s.

Are there any other suggestions I should consider?



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If you are willing to stretch your budget a bit then the Denon DRA800H is worth a look plus any dvd to go with it.

the other is a second hand Arcam Movie 2.1 which can be had for £200-300.

have you also looked into internet radio as most stations are now online, this is often built in to most AV receivers and some stereo receivers/amps these days.

finally if you find a dvd/blueray player with analogue rca left/right outputs this can be used with any stereo amp, add a Bluetooth receiver and a phone/tablet for radio and off you go.


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Thanks - very helpful.

The suggestion of a DRA800H has made me think again - given I'll need a DVD player anyway, there's no real need for the receiver/amp to have CD playback. I'll look at this in more detail.

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