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I bought a Samsung QE65Q80R Tv from Currys a year or two back. In December it developed a fault: I got a band at the bottom 33% of screen which had different tint than the rest of the screen. Since it was in warranty, Currys looked at it, and to make a long story short, have said that they will be writing it off. I have been offered a voucher of £1600. Can you guys suggest a replacement in the same range?

I see that there are two options QN85A (which is £200 more than the voucher) and Q80A. Is the QN85A worth the extra cash? I have read the specs and it seems to have a better processor, HDR24x vs HDR1500. Any other suggestions?

I am open to other TV makes as well, but looking at Samsung because I dont want an Android TV and my kids have a bad habit of freezing what they are watching for long periods (30 mins+) which makes me nervous about screen burn in OLED. If push came to shove I may go for Android TV if it was much better

Any other TV you would recommend? My viewing is mostly movies and TV shows on sky Q and streaming. Gaming is occasional and sports is rare.

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The QN85A is not really a recommended TV unless you need wide viewing angles. The TV is using an IPS type panel, which is different from the usual VA panels Samsung use.

The Q80R is actually going to be a hard act to follow in Samsung's lineup. The Q80A is probably not quite as good, with less dimming zones and poorer peak brightness whilst the QN91A+ models are going to be quite a bit better with more dimming zones and a higher peak brightness.

So, I'd recommend if you can put the money towards one of those models. Avoid TVs in-between like the QN90A which may use VA or IPS tech (no way of knowing pre purchase) or the QN85A which certainly uses IPS.

All best buys are here if you want to read more into them:

If you can get your money back, you can actually buy last year's Q95T from Costco at the moment (you need a membership). This would be a way to get something better than your Q80R without spending more money, it's a lot better than the Q80A, but not quite as good as the new QN91A and up.


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Many thanks for the detailed reply. What is your view on QN94A? Will it be as good as the Q80R? They seem to have a £300 cashback going on which makes it affordable.

Also, any experience on the reliability of Samsung? Bit nervous as my Q80R went bust in a year.


QN94A is one of the TVs in my guide, I also mentioned it in my last reply.
As long as its QN91A and above, it's a good TV.
There's nothing about Samsung that are less reliable than any other manufacturer, I think you just got unlucky with your Q80R.

Beware of purchasing direct from Samsung as you'll only get a year's warranty. Purchase instead from a store that offers an additional warranty on top.


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glad you got a voucher for it

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