Replacement for Philips Pronto's


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Have two ageing Philips Prontos and would to control the following.

Panasonic Plasmas
Yamaha amps
Sky+ HD
Apple TV3
WD live Hub
Lumagen Radiance XE

Budget £300

Any suggestions or recommendation appreciated for replacements.
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Are they broken yet?

I am in the same position, I nearly bought a new Marantz equivalent of the Pronto on eBay went for £42 which from memory isn't bad for an £800 remote.

I had to replace the screen in mine as one of the kids broke it, its the same as an iPaq so cost me around 35 to swap.

I would be looking at the Logitech as I want something with hard buttons still but I will keep them going as long as possible, particularly since I have my own custom interface ....


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My TSU7000 (ebay 3 years ago) has charging issues and get quite hot 'when' it charges continually flash while on charge.
My RU960 is more reliable im sure they are both slowing down.

Logitech looks like the only game in town regarding replacement.
Not sure which model just want a charging version with stand doesn't have to work the curtains etc.


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Fair enough I got a newer battery but the one I got didn't hold charge so got the seller to replace it and that seems to be ok.

That was the same one that battery seemed to get very hot on charge.

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