Replacement for Epson HC6100 / TW3000


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Looking for replacement for my ageing HC6100 .
It has red/blue lines top/bottom and the bulb needs replacement (total of 7000+hours).

Situation is: large living room (5.5m/18ft x 6m/20ft) . Lots of windows .
Screen is a draper react 2.1 120" ALR screen .

Possible candidates:


Optoma HD141X/HD26*
3000 1000 lumens
530+190=720 € (price with 1 extra lamp)

Optoma HD151X/HD36
2538 2021 lumens
0.3 LUX (lowest value)
2590:1 on/off contrast

Benq W2000
1040 976 lumens
0.15/0.1 lux
520:01 (ansi contrast)

Optoma HD161X / HD50
1490 720 Lumens
0.45/0.35 LUX

EH-TW6600/HC 3500
1464 1202 Lumens
0.15lux 0.02LUX

Benq W3000
973 884 Lumens
0.15/0.1 lux

Now I doubt the 141x is going to give such a good image as I have now, but how do the others measure up?

Currently I am leaning towards the W2000 / HD161x or TW6600 . Anyone having seen these and any idea which is best? How do these holdup against the epson HC6100 / TW 3000, is it a big/small improvement?


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Currently I am leaning towards the W2000 / HD161x or TW6600 .

Check how much there is difference between price of TW6600 and TW7200 where you live. For example in Finland the difference is so low that TW7200 is better choice of the two but I have understood that in UK for example TW7200 costs so much more that it competes with Sony HW40 instead of TW6600.


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TW7200 is 1900€+lamp its 2k+ Then I would indeed rather take the Sony .

Optoma's/W2000 are out either didnt meet WAF or read some bad reviews .

So Its either Epson HC3500/TW6600 or Benq W3000/HT4050 . Or perhaps the Vivitek 1186/1188 of wich I read good things.

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