Replacement for deceased Nexus 7 tablet

Bert Coules

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I'd be grateful for recommendations for a replacement for a faithful but now dead Google Nexus 7. This is a 7" Android tablet which I used 95% of the time as an e-reader: its other capabilities were very handy when needed though, and I don't really want to replace it with a straightforward Kindle or similar.

Many thanks.

Bert Coules

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Depot, thanks for that. Actually I've just found one for sale on the classifieds here. I would still be interested in thoughts as to the nearest equivalent currently available new, though.

Bert Coules

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Depot, I would prefer to stick with the 7" size, but I'll look at the overall dimensions of the Tab A 8.0. I suspect that 8.7" would increase the size too much, though. Thanks for the thought.

Edited to add:

Ah, Unless I'm looking right past it, the Samsung site doesn't give the overall dimensions of the 8.0 model. How odd.

Edited yet again, to add:

Found the info elsewhere. It's approximately 15mm longer and 10mm wider than the 7, and much the same thickness.
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Bert Coules

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Many thanks again for all the answers. In a unexpected twist, I've now managed to coax my Nexus 7 back to life, to its basic factory settings. Now I'm sure I recall reading that updating the OS beyond a certain point can cause these tablets to become very sluggish - buit I can't now find the information. Does anyone here know which is the last recommended version of Android for this particular tablet? Many thanks.


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I would suggest the Kindle Fire HD8plus which can be picked up very cheaply (on promotion) I recently picked up one up as a backup device and quite like it. I'd recommend removing all the Amazon stuff and installing Google services, have a look at the Fire Toolbox for doing that. It's faster than a Nexus 7 too (see HERE)

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