Replacement for Bose Wave 2 CD?


My parents are looking to replace their ageing Bose Wave 2(?) CD system, so I'm looking for some recommendations please.

They want DAB+ and CD playback, don't think they're bothered about too much else, but I'm struggling to find an all in one system with a CD player.

I've found a cheap Bush at Argos which looks half decent and ticks all their boxes - does anyone else have any other options up to a maximum of £250 please? Cheers.


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You'll struggle to find a decent one box radio CD player for £250 these days but these two do a least look to be better buys than the Bush:

Amazon product

These wouldn't be anything like as good as your parents current Bose Wave but if you're prepared to go second hand there are plenty of alternatives on eBay - in particular Ruark R4s alongside various Bose models.


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Pure Evoke do a number of models depending on style. If not you can get another second hand Wave 2 with DAB module for around £150-200 on ebay.


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Morning...there’s always this - way over your stated budget of course but nice...



Thanks for the replies, much appreciated.

I neglected to say, they've already tried 2 'immaculate' second hand Bose systems, the CD player didn't work on one, and the other has been taken to bits and put back together with a hammer by the look of things! 😅

I was looking for a new one to avoid this, the Panasonic and the Pure Evoke C-D6 look very good, I'll pass them on. I'll not mention the Ruark to them, they'll just laugh at me! 🤣

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