Replacement for Apple Airport Express plus high-res


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Andover Songbird. I know this thing has been discussed here, but I was googling "Replacement for Apple Airport Express" and wasn't having much luck. So I thought I'd throw this out there. I just picked one up from my local HiFi store, it's what they recommend for an inexpensive solution at $149. It's actually more capable than a Airport Express as it does high resolution 24/192 as well as AirPlay and Bluetooth.

Happy streaming!


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The limitations of AirPlay protocol are 16-bit 44hz so not sure if the device lets you bypass that unless it's Bluetooth however I was under the impression that BT streaming was always a bit lossy.


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Right, I was just saying if one is looking to replace an old Airport Express, this unit can do everything the AE did and more, for the same price. And it's a similar size. When playing high-resolution material beyond 16/44, you don't use AirPlay, you connect it directly to the service (Qobuz, Tidal, etc).
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