Replacement for an SD700


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I'm looking for a replacement for our SD700...

<rant>which, about 18 months ago, was stolen by someone we were helping out. The police weren't interested because we didn't catch them red handed and, of course, the insurance company totally screwed us on the value because apparently they found someone (Leyton Cameras) selling it at about £400. Yes, I'm very bitter as I'm fairly sure that was a scam website.</rant>

...anyway, I really liked the camera and would like to get something that is as close to that in quality as I can again. The problem is I can't really afford to shell out another £800 ish.

I've been having a look around and I quite like the look of the Panasonic HC-V720. It seems to be broadly a single sensor rather than 3 sensor. Would this make a good replacement do you think?


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Well you can still get the HC-V700 at Amazon and other outlets like Tesco £430 but they seem to be getting rarer.
Both the 700 and 720 have one sensor. I think the 720 has wi-fi.


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Sorry to learn of the theft, it happens.

You don't say what movies you intend making.

A single-sensor is believed by some to represent lowe (colour) quality, but I don't see it - noone gasps "Rubbish" when 1-sensor footage is displayed - but check as I don't think the v700's have headphone outputs and you really need that if using an ext mic, to be sure of the quality.

£430 is getting close to the price of the CX410 which has been mentioned on this Forum recently. Whilst it's a 1-sensor it claims to have exceptional steady.


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Ah yes, I meant to say what I'd be using it for and got a bit side tracked. I'll mostly be filming friends and family with a mix of indoors and outside. The performance of the SD700 outside was superb and inside it was well ahead of anything else I've tried (I must admit I was surprised how much of a difference being inside made to the quality though). I'm not in the slightest bit interested in 3D filming but if the camera happens support it fair enough. Additionally I've been meaning to make some YouTube type videos on workshop techniques, a separate mic point would be useful for this I think. Not sure I'll ever actually get around to making those videos though.

Today though I'm going to get back onto the insurance company, I did some digging last night and it seems I was right to think Leyton Cameras was a scam. I don't suppose I'll get very far but it's not on that they valued it against a scam price. It looks like the scam is back up under the name Chiepest Cameras


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I'm somewhat surprised that any well-known Insurance Co (or one associated with that business) is prepared to use the prices provided by the On-Line vendors mentioned, when it seems they have neither stock, nor intention to supply.
So, I guess the big Q is this - Why are they posing prices on-line? Where is their profit source . . . surely not a kick-back from Insurance Co's?

-or is it possible they accept orders, demand payment first, then disapear.
Er, and the insurance valuation was achieved by one of those websites that want you to search the internet using their listings? . . . . - frankly I switch off PDQ as I can search knows suppliers perfectly well myself.

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