replacement for ADA Cinema Rhapsody Mach IV-B


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if (when) I upgrade my flat 55" 1080p OLED to a 65" 4k one, and get a 4K source or 2 (Sky Q perhaps), I think I'm going to be out of luck with my current wiring and processor.

I'm pretty sure the ADA is HDMI 1.4 only and the Active HDMI cable (HDAnywhere) that I've running under the house between the processor and living room, is also HDMI 1.4 only.

I did run a couple of CAT 6 cables along the conduit though...

Could I split my 4K sources' HDMI "outs", one to my processor, one to HDMI over CAT6 and onto the TV?
Do any HDMI 2.0 over CAT6 do Audio Return Channel? Not that the ADA excepts ARC, but....

Of course if ARC becomes necessary (for 4k Netflix in the TV) I'd be looking at a new processor (eek), so what's out there now, on a par with the ADA CRM4B?
I'm running 7.2 Genelecs, well 7.1 the subs run off the same channel...

OK one last question. since I've 2 CAT6 cables, could I use one to convert HDMI ARC, to send back as a discrete sound input to the ADA?


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Are there any £2-8K, balanced, 7.1 Processors around, that pass all the latest 4k and HDR picture formats?

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