Replacement for A11SR???


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Anyone know if Denon are planning to replace the A11SR soon...funny how their mid-range Amp has no audio delay but the entry level and high end do...

May be looking at replacing my AVC-10SE soon, but don't want to go as far as an A1SR, and would like audio delay...



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I believe in the USA the 480x (the A11SR) has been upgraded to have audio delay, I think this was a while ago.
Strange it never made it to the UK.

So far this year Denon only appear to have announced the 3803 replacement. You could pick up a A1SR ex-dem for similar to the A11SR RRP at the moment.



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I agree it's big, but worth it.
Main problem is as usual it needs space above for heat.

I've heard it at a home cinema show in a reasonable size room with approx 70 people in. It was very good.
So was the Denon DVD player going through a projector, but I can't justify the space for a pj+screen.

You may find that the new 3805 in April/May could be an idea, and at £1,100 rrp I'd hope the amplification will have been improved over the 3803, not just extra toys added.


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