Replacement for a REL Q100E


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First post folks, so please be gentle...I'm sure you've heard simiar questions before.

I've recently moved into a detached house and am just getting all my Hi-Fi and Home Cinema kit up and going.

A few months ago, after reading reviews on here, I bought a BK XLS200-DF for my living rom...and love it.
Whilst playing about with it, my REL Q100E was sitting unused, so I lent it to a friend.

Now I have my Cinema Room up and going (to some degree anyway) I have a dilema...
The borrower of the REL doesn't want to give it back...and is willing to buy it.
Which is fine...
But I'll need to buy a replacement.

The room is only about 3m square and had a wooden floor.
My speakers are B&W 604s, B&W LCR6 centre and 2 sets of B&W DS6s as surrounds.
Can anyone suggest a good starting point for a sub, with a budget of £400ish?

The obvious choice is a BK Monolith...which will pysically fit...but it'll be tight, and I'm concerned it may be too big for the room...if such a thing exists.

Keep the REL or upgrade?
Monolith...or alternative?

Thanks in advance...

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