Replacement for 40W4500?


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I paid £950 a year ago. Now it's faulty and I'm possibly going to be offered a current model as a replacement from Sony. You'd think that the 40W5500 is the obvious replacement but it was always £200-£300 cheaper than the 4500. It just seems like I'd be downgrading my TV even though it's officially the same 'W' series.

I know a lot of people say the 5500 is better in some ways so maybe I should just take it but do you think I have a point and what might be a more suitable Sony equivalent? The 40Z4500 is around the £1000 mark at the moment.

Personally, I'd rather have a refund and get an LED Samsung but that probably won't be an option unfortunately. Unless I sell the brand new set that is...


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nothing more ideal than W5500 as a replacement,a clear upgrade over W4500.If you could give a bit more the 40Z5500 would be even better but not Z4500

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40Z5800 is out, exactlt the same as 5500 with built in Freesat HD if that's worth a little extra too you? But also means you might be able to pick up a cheaper 5500 on its way out.

Great set for sports with 200hz motionflow


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I could push for the Z5500 I suppose. It just that when the W5500 came out it was quite a bit cheaper than the W4500 and it seems like a slightly unfair replacement even if it is actually a better set overall. Didn't the W4500 have a better (10 bit) panel and better backlight than the W5500?

Anyway, thanks for the recommendation of the W5500 over the Z4500.
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