Replacement DVD player / S888 dvd function not working



Hi everyone,

I bought an all in one system 2 years ago as my first home cinema system: Sony DAVS 888. Was happy with it until now: it has developped a fault which its predecessor also had (DAVS 880) and the dvd player keeps freezing (both with DVDR or standard DVD). So I'm thinking of progressively switch to a separates system. Apparently I can buy another DVD player and link it to the S888 through optical. I have an epson TW200 projector. What DVD player do you recommend? I want to link it to the projector through my RGB cable.
I was thinking of getting the denon 1920 cause it can also play DVIX and it is within my budget (around £250) I should still be able to get 5.1 and DTS?
I could also maybe get a dvd player/ recorder and I wouldn't mind spending more for that.
You advise would be much appreciated!

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