Replacement driver for eltax symphony 6.2


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Hi all just looking for some advice on a set of symphony 6.2 speakers that i have. The bass driver in one of the speakers is damaged beyond repair so im basicly trying to find an alternative driver. I no these are only budget floorstanders but they are ideal for me and they didnt cost me anything so would like to get them sorted if i can.
I have looked into getting the genuine eltax driver but this could be quite expensive and i dont realy want to spend to much on them. What i have found however is these drivers that have the same mount holes etc the only thing is they are 8 ohm where as the driver i have removed says 4ohm, witch i thought ws odd as the speakers say 8ohm on the cabinet anyway check out the link below and give me your thoughts as to weather these would be an option as im not sure..
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Hi all, i put a post on the other day regarding a replacement driver for a symphony 6.2, i have spent the last couple of days searching the internet for a replacement and i have found some that would be a perfect fit but all the ones i have found have been 8ohms and mine is 4ohms....
I was just wondering if anyone would no if i could change the driver in both speakers with 8ohm ones? the speakers are 2 way just a tweeter and mid/bass speaker, or would this muck everything up? on the rear of the cabinets it states that the independance is 4-8 ohms if this helps.


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There's so much more in play than just the impedance of the driver. The rest of your speaker will be designed around making the drivers work as well as possible. Things like the volume of air in the cabinet, the parameters of the crossover etc. Swap in a different driver, and results are unpredictable at best.

Unless you really know what you're doing, then this sort of project isn't a good idea (unless you can find the same driver from somewhere).

What brand is a symphony 6.2? Is it a good speaker?
If it's a good speaker, then you risk turning a good speaker bad.
If it's a cheap speaker, you'd be better off replacing it with another cheap speaker rather than changing drivers.

But if you are still keen on doing this as a project/experiment, then I can imagine the EQ curve being off if you don't match the impedance of the new driver with that of the old.

When you say that yours is 8 ohms, is that from reading the spec from the driver itself? Does it also have a part number?
The 4-8 ohm figure quoted on the back of the cabinet is for the whole speaker - both drivers and the crossover network together.
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Hi thanks for the reply. The speakers are pretty cheap yes, they are made by eltax but they didnt cost me anything. The driver that i removed is a 4 ohm, and it was 8 ohm that i was going to use in both speakers if it was a possibility. Yes it is from the driver itself that i got the 4 ohm rating.

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The components used in the crossover would be selected to match the units in the speaker together. Using different impedance drivers may give unexpected results. Depends how bothered you are about fidelity.


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Don't waste your time,effort and money. You can find a decent basic pair of speakers in the classifieds for very little cash if you take the time to search properly :thumbsup:


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Have you tried contacting ELTAX to see if they have replacement drivers for those speakers?

You say the bass drivers are 4 ohm, how do you know that? I'm not saying you are wrong, but it would help if we knew.

Also, what size are the bass drivers?


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I've merged your threads because they both cover the same issue.

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