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Hi guys,

I'm after a recommendation for a couple of replacement cameras for my Aspect NVR CCTV system. A couple of the existing cameras had condensation inside the lens, and when I opened them up they had actually leaked water in and were damaged - so I plan to replace them.
The cameras are poe, fixed position, non-zoom, 4MP turret cameras. (Photo attached to show type)
The label says model - L-TU-IP4M-3.6-1 and 3.6mm lens.

I was happy with the spec of the cameras until a couple stopped working. Looking at the Videcon website, I believe this model is obsolete.

Does a replacement need to be specifically an Aspect camera, or would any poe camera work? (there's only an ethernet cable plugged in) Will I need to do anything in the Aspect software to specify any new camera?
And should I be looking at something with more resolution than 4MP now?

Any advice greatly appreciated.


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Seb Briggs

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Aspect cameras will be easy to add to the NVR but as long as the cameras are ONVIF compatible you should be able to add them relatively easily

Also aspect are now discontinued by Videcon but I think they now recommend Uniview for old aspect systems .

I will see what would recommend I’ll post more later

Seb Briggs

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Spoken to Videcon they don’t actually recommend the Uniview but this model


It’s varifocal so you can adjust the lens to the ideal focal length for your requirements rather than the fixed length you had before

With a base in white it’s around £109


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Thanks for looking into that for me.
How does that camera compare to the Uniview do you think? (I see the ALQ has the IR ring around the lens, whereas it's separate with the Uniview) - would either work with my system, or is the Aspect NVR only going to work with the ALQ? (or will any work that are ONVIF compliant?)

Thanks again.

Seb Briggs

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It seems that uniview cameras have sometimes corrupted the aspect NVRs hence why Videcon don’t recommend them . I wasn’t aware of that until today so glad I asked Videcon

Seb Briggs

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They actually recommend their high end range for compatibility, concept pro but they are quite a bit more expensive

At around £180 for 5mp with fixed lens

Model CVP9316DEIREL-IP5M/2.8
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