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Replacement Amp


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My old separate system seems to be failing on me. My Marantz PM-44SE amplifier is the latest to go with only one audio channel working now (for all inputs). I was going to replace it with an Onkyo - A-9010.

I only use the system now to play Vinyl, CD's and tapes. The question is do you need a tape loop on an amp if you are only playing cassettes and no longer recording on them?



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By "Tape Loop" I assuming you mean an amp that has Rec-In and Rec-Out (Record In and Record Out)

On some Amp that might be called - Tape-In and Tape-Out.

You only need Tape-Out/Rec-Out if you plan to record. To Playback-Only, you can connect your tape-device to any of the standard Line Level input - AUX, CD, Tape, other. With the exception of PHONO which is reserved specifically for turntables.

The Onkyo A9010 is a bit lean on power, right now from SuperFi, you can get the Onkyo A9030 with 65w/ch for roughly the same price -

Onkyo A9030 Amplifier - Superfi

At a Slightly Higher Price, consider these amps -

Marantz PM6006 Amplifier with DAC - Superfi

Onkyo A9050 Amplifier with DAC - Superfi

Yamaha AS501 Amplifier with DAC - Superfi

The above Three Amp all come with built-in DACs which can be very handy under the right circumstance. Typically for connecting a modern TV for TV and Movie listening.

While I don't necessarily prefer Onkyo amps, I have TWO and I find them to be exceptionally clear amps.

In all honestly, especially given the price, and if you are set on Onkyo, you need to at least move up to the A9030, and if you can foresee a need for a DAC, then the A9050 has 75w/ch in addition to the DAC.



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I'd also recommend a less spindly amp than the 9010.

As well as Steves recommendations I'd add this. Tons of power and plenty of reserve too. No dac included if that's important for any future plans.

If so separate ones are cheap and there are plenty to choose from. If not then it will be difficult to beat this amp.



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Thanks everyone, I'll have a look at the above. The speakers are Q acoustics 2020i. My set up is only in a small box room. I'll look at the DAC setups as there is a computer in the same room so probably a good idea to think about the MP3's on the network as well (I've ruled out a network player due to pc proximity) I'm not set on Onkyo it's more a budget thing but stretching from £200 to £250 ish is fine.


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I'd always consider going for the best amp you can afford. Even if that means stretching a tight budget.

A powerful enough amp with enough inputs for what you do need and might need is a good investment in that it can usually handle an upgrade or two in speakers should you go that way at anytime in the future.

Speakers are what make the sound in any given room. But... only if the amp is capable of driving them without issues. And that means plenty of power and, at least as important, plenty of headroom to spare.

Tha CA can provide that quite easily. It will certainly get the very best out of your 2020is. Good luck.


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The Onkyo 9030 is the same price as the Onkyo 9010. That makes getting the 9010 kind of pointless.

The Onkyo 9050 is only about £50 more, and probably worth it, but that brings the cost up near £300.

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