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Replacement AGP Graphics Card


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The current AGP graphics card (Sapphire Radeon Atlantis 9800 Pro Ultimate 256Mb) in my aging PC has developed a hardware fault, which means I'm currently running with a borrowed AGP card (Matrox Millenium G450 Dual Head 32Mb) using the VGA connector.

At some point I would like to return to a reasonable card using the DVI connector to do justice to my 20" LCD monitor but I thought I would see what people suggest.

I'm happy with Sapphire and ATI as a brand and the card has to be AGP. As my PC is quite old I don't think it, primarily the PSU, would be able to support a 3850 so I was thinking that a HD 2400 PRO would do. It wouldn't be silent, but at least the AGP slot would provide all the power it needed.

Finally, it would seem that there have been problems with the latest Catalyst drivers (8.3/8.4) and support for AGP cards. Given that I don't play games and overclock my system, how much of a problem would this cause me?


Mr Hagon


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I am thinking about getting a new AGP card myself but want to keep the price down to below £50. I currently have 9800 Pro All in Wonder and a 6800Ultra (which is currently broken).

I have read about the drivers problem myself and am reluctant to purchase a card if it does not work properly. In particular the hi def decoding would be beneficial even though I don't think many videos will be DXVA capable as most use higher settings that graphics card acceleration cannot assist decoding.

But the newer ATI cards are meant to use less power than the older cards so you might be okay

Here is a chart I found a while back and it shows the newer ATI cards use quite a bit less power than previous generations as they cut off power to unused portions of the core just like newer CPU's do. The 3850's in this chart look like they are posted incorrectly, the 256MB using more power than the 512MB. The 3650 uses about the same as your 9800 Pro at full 3d load which I think would be around 50 watts+ as yours is the 256MB version and the one in the table is probably the much more common 128MB version. Is your PSU that bad that it could not support the 3850? If so then the 3650 has to work okay with it.



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If you're not gaming anymore than the 3850 is far more than you need, the 3450 or the 2400 should be fine.

I think nVidia has stopped making their latest cards for AGP so you're looking at the 7000 series if the ATI drivers are going to cause trouble.


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I've done a little research on my PSU. Whilst it's pleasantly silent, it doesn't seem to rate highly for use in a gaming rig. However as I don't play games these days, I'm happy to settle for a 2400 series even though I don't need the HD support etc.

I will just keep an eye out to see if a particular Catalyst version is released and properly supports AGP cards, at which point I will hopefully still be able to buy a 2400.

Thanks for the advice.

Mr Hagon


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Would the 2400 be good enough for a few games that are a few years old at 1024x768? Sorry to hijack this thread. I am asking because i do not plan to buy a new pc for a year or two so would this card be sufficient? I wont play Crysis or anything, the most graphically intense games would be simulator games all at 1024x768. Thanks in advance.

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